Opening Hours : Sunday-Thursday 10am - 5pm (Upto 3pm on Friday)
Government of Nepal Ministry of Forest and Environment Department of Plant Resources

Brindawan Botanical Garden, Hetuda

Brindawan Botanical Garden provides information for visitors about plants, gardening and ecology through display, education, and conservation. Other activities are vegetative propagation and various nursery techniques of important ornamental flower species and MAPS, seed collection, proper storage of seeds, routine germination tests and production of quality seedlings.

This office envisioned the following objectives:

  • To Develop landscapes of different garden types
  • To design landscape garden enhancing topography to create beautiful and attractive sites.
  • To provide aesthetic and education value about plants, gardening, horticulture and ecology to visitors.

Opening Hours

10 AM to 4 PM (Kartik 16-Magh 15)
(1st week of Nov. to 4th week of Jan).

10 AM to 5 PM (Rest of the months)