Opening Hours : Sunday-Thursday 10am - 5pm (Upto 3pm on Friday)
Government of Nepal Ministry of Forest and Environment Department of Plant Resources

Dhakeri Botanical Garden, Banke

Dhakeri Botanical Garden is important in terms of research and conservation and enhances the greenery of the particular place and add much to the aesthetic value. It is situated at 130 m above sea level covering area of 5 hectares. Dhakeri botanical garden play an important role in ex situ and in situ conservation to promote biodiversity. This Garden has maintained a wide range of species as living plants particularly of rare and threatened species for education, scientific purposes and display.

This office envisioned the following specific objectives:

  • Development of landscapes of different garden types (Rock garden, Orchid garden, Medicinal plants garden, Seasonal flower garden etc.)
  • Conservation of plant diversity
  • Other activities are vegetative propagation and various nursery techniques of important ornamental flower species and MAPS, seed collection, proper storage of seeds, routine germination tests, production of quality seedlings.