Opening Hours : Sunday-Thursday 10am - 5pm (Upto 3pm on Friday)
Government of Nepal Ministry of Forest and Environment Department of Plant Resources

Maipokhari Botanical Garden, Illam

Mai Pokhari, a famous place of pilgrimage lying at about thirteen kilometers north of Illam Bazar, is situated at an altitude of 2200 meters. This beautiful place consists of the pond whose circumference is more than one kilometer. Altogether there are nine corners in the pond some of which are large enough for boats.

Maipokhari Botanical Garden has maintained living collection of plants under scientific management for the purpose of education and research. This Garden is a scientific centre for the study of plants, their diversity and conservation, as well as a popular tourist attraction. Many people visit the garden, enjoying a leisurely stroll among the plants and picking up ideas for their own garden.

The goal of the Mai Pokhari Botanical Garden is:

  • To provide aesthetic and education value about plants, gardening, horticulture and ecology to visitors.
  • To design landscape garden enhancing topography to create beautiful and attractive sites.

Some of the attractions of the Maipokhari botanical Garden include:

  • The Rock Garden
  • The Orchid House
  • Collections of living plants from different parts of Eastern Nepal
  • Green House

Opening Hours
10 AM to 4 PM (Kartik 16 – Magh 15)
(1st week of Nov. to 4th week of Jan).
10 AM to 5 PM (Rest of the months).