Opening Hours : Sunday-Thursday 10am - 5pm (Upto 3pm on Friday)
Government of Nepal Ministry of Forest and Environment Department of Plant Resources

Tistung Botanical Garden, Tistung

Tistung Botanical Garden is situated 1900 m and at about 60 km south west of Kathmandu. The total land area is extended in 15 ha (300 ropani). The main objective of the garden is to conserve germplasm of the plants. The area is dominated by Pinus wallichiana forest. Other principle tree species forming dominant vegetation consist of Pinus roxburghii, Rhododendron arboreum, Schima wallichii, Alnus nepalensis, Myrica esculenta etc. Noteworthy shrubs of the area include Daphne bholua, Mahonia nepalensis etc. The area also is rich in various kinds of epiphytic orchids such as ‘ Cymbidium longifolium, Eria sp., Coelogyne corymbosa sp. etc.

Some economic and medicinal plants of successful cultivation are Acorus calamus, Asparagus racemosus, Berginia ciliata, Mentha piperata, Amomum subulatum etc.