Plant Resources 2012

Plant Resources 2012

We feel great pleasure to bring out the tenth issue of the Bulletin of the Department of Plant Resources (No. 34) as a Scientific Journal. In this issue 20 articles are included under different categories such as systematic botany, biotechnology, ethno-botany, inventory, biological and chemical analysis, enumeration and documentation.

A note to the contributors have been included to faciliate the authors to prepare the articles within this frame work for publocation. The present publication highlights on the different aspects of research conducted by the scientific staffs within the Department, its central and district level offices. We hope that the information contained in these papers will be useful to the readers in this concerned field. We are very grateful to the contributors and valuable suggestions of the reviiewers. The editorial board alwayss welcomes rvery constructive suggestions and comments to improve thee quality of the journal reveived from a wide range of readers.

We wish to thank all the contributors, reviewers and individuals who helped to bring out this publication and bear the responsibility for any short coming incurved in this issue.

Price : Free
ISSN Number : 1995-8579
Published Date : 2012

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