Plant Resources

Plant Resources

We feel great pleasure in bringing out the issue of Journal of Plant Resources, N. 35 as a scientific publication of the Department of Plant Resources (DPR). Thirteen articles have been incorporated in this issue which encompasses inventories, surveys, ethnobotanical documentations and biochemical studies.

Science serves as an engine for economic development of a nation. It is now an established fact that the prosperity of countries is directly attributed to science and technology. In a globalizing knowledge-driven world, this contribution can only become higher. What the developed countries achieved today is due to their identification of true potentiality of this sector and long term investment in it. To fill the widening gap between rich and poor nations,developing countries like Nepal should uplift their scientific capability. To judiciously access the risks and opportunities of emerging technologies, Nepal needs more science than the developed nations. In this context, in-situ and ex-situ conservation, technological improvements in the field of biotechnology and research based good cultivation practices deemed necessary.

Science alone cannot develop a nation, but no nation can develop without science. In this world of 21st century, the success of all countries and societies revolve around their capacity to generate and access science, technology and innovation. It is now felt that conservation and wise use of plant resources can bring prosperity to the nation. One key link between the science and societies is dissemination of knowledge/information through publication. The essence of publication has been felt immensely in present context. As Gerard Piel said; “Without publication, science is dead.” In this regard, the institution reflects the research activities through its publication. Every effort has been made to improve the quality of the journal and necessary revisions have been made as per comments received from peered reviewers. The editorial board is always open to the constructive suggestions and comments from the valued readers to improve the quality of the journal.

Finally, we wish to thank all the contributors, reviewers and individuals who helped to bring out the publication in this form.

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ISSN Number : 1995-8579
Published Date : 2013

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