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Database Sources: Jadibuti Association of Nepal, NTFP Portal and Government Agencies
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Industry/Institution Name Type Contact Details
Bhetwal Trade and Export Manufacturers Kathmandu , ward no 23, Jhonchhe, PO Box 1834
Contact Person: Narayan Prasad Bhetwal
Phone: 01-4241571/4287270
Fax: 01-4241571
Bhim Lama Manufacturers Bhurunkhel, P.O.B. No.: 13692 Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal
Phone: 01-4252322
Bhim Mishra Local Traders Phungling VDC, ward no 4
Contact Person: Bhim Mishra
Phone: 024-460186
Bhimeswor NTFP Processing Manufacturers Contact Person: Dhan Tamang
Mobile: 9849107471
Bhrikuti Jadibuti and Kirana Store Exporters Gularia, ward no. 8, Bardia
Contact Person: Shanta Gyawali
Phone: 084-420515,
Mobile: 9848045535
Bhupendra Stores Local Traders Mijhing – 1, Rolpa
Contact Person: Bhupendra Stores
Mobile: 9847924885
Bhurichulla General Store Exporters Simi,Tamti, Ward No.- 1, Jumla
Contact Person: Singe Kunwar
Mobile: 9848305221
Bhushan Raj Shakya Service Providers & Producers Lalitpur Sub-, ward no 9, Chyasal
Contact Person: Bhushan Raj Shakya
Phone: 01-5532797
Bibek General Stores Exporters Nepalgunj, Ward no. 6, Banke
Contact Person: Bishnu Prasad Upadhyay
Mobile: 9848275145
Bidhya Jadibuti Store Exporters Basidevpur, Ward no. - 1, Banke
Contact Person: Bidhya Ram Kumar
Phone: 081-521651
Bijaya Bajracharya Service Providers & Producers Chapagaun VDC, ward no 2, Ikha tole
Contact Person: Bijaya Bajracharya
Phone: 01-5571658
Bijaya Yadav Processors Gulariya VDC, ward no 4, Saghapur
Phone: 084-420609
Bijendra Prasad Joshi Service Providers & Producers Lalitpur Sub-, ward no 16, Nagbahal
Contact Person: Bijendra Prasad Joshi
Phone: 01-5529308
Bijuli Prasad Timilsina Service Providers & Producers Damak Municipality, ward no 11, Bhrikuti Chowk
Contact Person: Bijuli Prasad Timilsina
Phone: 023-581779
Bindhyabasini Trade Export Manufacturers Kathmandu , ward no 29, Thamel, PO Box 21781
Contact Person: Naba Raj Nepal
Phone: 01-4700875 / 4423613 / 4424948/4
Fax: 01-4257256/4356734