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Database Sources: Jadibuti Association of Nepal, NTFP Portal and Government Agencies
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Industry/Institution Name Type Contact Details
Bhagwati Jadibuti Prashodhan Udyog Service Providers & Producers ward no. – 7, Mahadevpuri, Banke
Contact Person: Harq Bahadur Bisht Shamshergunj
Mobile: 9848091656
Bhagwati Jadibuti Prashodhan Udyog Pvt. Ltd Exporters Mahadevpuri, Ward no.4, Obhri, Banke
Phone: 081-690248
Bhagwati Ketuki Farm Service Providers & Producers Room -3, Shanichpur, Dailekh
Mobile: 9748054301/9848074466
Bhagwati Kirana Store Exporters Amargadhi, Ward no. 3, Baagbazaar, Dadeldhura
Contact Person: Dharam Singh Dhami
Phone: 096-420223
Bhakt Store Local Traders Jethivada, Lama, Ward No. - 8, Jumla
Contact Person: Bhakt Bahadur Bisht
Mobile: 9848391934
Bhakta Bahadur Thapa Local Traders Dunai VDC, Dolpa
Contact Person: Bhakta Bahadur Thapa
Phone: 977-87-550114
Bhakta Bahadur Thapa Local Traders Dunai VDC
Contact Person: Bhakta Bahadur Thapa
Phone: 087-550114
Bharat Bahadur Adhikari Service Providers & Producers Saudeypani-7, Kailali
Contact Person: Bharat Bahadur Adhikari
Mobile: 9848425380
Bharat Neupane Local Traders Kalahkola, Ward no 2, Halwar VDC, Dang
Phone: 977-82-520995
Bharat Neupane Local Traders Halwar VDC, ward no 2, Kalahkola
Phone: 082-520995
Bhaskar Herbaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturers TRM Campus Road, Aadarshnagar, Birgunj (Nepal)
Contact Person: Prakash Khandelwal
Phone: +977-51-525440/529001, +977-51-5
Bheksem Herbs Processing, Research and Suppliers Exporters Birendranagar, Ward No.-4, Tatopaani, Surkhet
Mobile: 9748010938, 9741072737, 98415931
Bheri Kirana Stores Exporters Ward No. 5, Nepalgunj Municipality, Banke district, Nepal
Contact Person: Mohamad Yusuf
Phone: 977-81-521651
Bheri Kirana Stores Local Traders Nepalgunj Municipality, ward no 5, Ekline
Contact Person: Mahamad Yusuf Ansari
Phone: 081-521651
Bheri Kirana Stores Local Traders Nepalgunj Municipality, ward no 5, Ghositole
Contact Person: Mahamad Yusuf
Phone: 081-521651