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The Department of Plant Resources under the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation (formerly known as Department of Medicinal Plants) was established in 1960. This organization is conducting and providing services in the field of research and development of plant resources in Nepal. It is a multidisciplinary organization comprising mainly of botanists, chemists and pharmacists. Ever since its establishment, many of its activities have concentrated on :

  • Resource survey and collection of plant materials and preservation of the specimens in the National Herbarium and Plant Laboratories (KATH).
  • Maintenance of Botanical Gardens in various parts of the country.
  • Chemical and biological researches for the utilization of medicinal, aromatic and other valuable plants.
  • Biotechnology research, improvement and propagation of plants of economic value.
  • Ago-technology development on plants to provide services to the farmers on techniques of commercial cultivation of important medicinal and economic plants.
  • Conduction of trainings on resource(plant) conservation, management and provide garden services.
  • Information dissemination through publications on various aspects of Nepalese plant resources.
  • Bio-prospecting of plants of economic value.
Sanjeev Kumar Rai
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