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क्र. सं.शीर्षकडाउनलोड
1Proceeding of International Conference on Biodiversity and Bioprospecting2023-10-05
2Abstract of International Conference on Biodiversity and Bioprospecting 20222023-10-05
3निकाशीजन्य जडीबुटीहरुको विस्तृत विवरण पुस्तिका2023-10-05
4A Checklist of Wetland Flora Reported From Nepal2023-10-05
5नेपालमा फैलिएका बाह्य मिचाहा वनस्पतिहरु2023-10-05
6नेपालका निउरो सागहरु2023-10-05
7A Manual on Breeding Crops and Medicinal Plants2023-10-05
8सहजकर्ताका लागि जडीबुटी खेती तथा संकलन तालिम म्यानुअल2023-10-05
9Plant Resources of Kailali West Nepal2023-10-05
10Plant Diversity of Salhesh Phulbari Siraha2023-10-05
11Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: General Principles and Guidelines2023-10-05
12Vegetable Aromatic Oils of Nepal - Essential Oils of Nepal2023-08-10
13Lautsalla of Nepal2023-08-10
14Training Guidelines on Herbal and Non-Timber Forest Products2023-08-10
15Taxonomic Tools and Flora Writing2023-08-10
16Flora of The Ramapithecus Botanical Garden2023-08-10
17Plants of Nepal Fact sheet_20122023-08-10
18Herbs Introduction Part 1-5, Herbs Collection, Conservation, Promotion Methods2023-08-10
19Integrating Biological Resources for Prosperity2023-08-10
20Hand Book of Pharmacognosy2023-08-10
21Ferns and Fern- Allies of Nepal Volume 12023-08-10
22Checklist of CITES Listed Flora of Nepal2023-08-10
23Basic Facts about Horticulture2023-08-10
24Abstract of Tissue Culture2023-08-10
25Compilation (Micropropagation Research Papers 1988-2012)2023-06-07

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