work duties

The department’s main objective is to explore, collect, identify, conserve, study, research and manage the diversity of botanical resources found in Nepal, study, research and manage their healthy or foreign chemical elements, create employment by promoting sustainable use, income-oriented farming and provide consultancy services for industrialization to support the country’s economic development and improve social conditions.

  • Implement international treaties, agreements and commitments on plant conservation and research and coordinate with stakeholders.
  • To survey, collect, collect and study the plant diversity of Nepal.
  • To conserve botanical genetic resources found in Nepal.
  • To document the plant species found in Nepal and publish Nepal Flora.
  • To manage national level botanical gardens, herbariums and laboratories.
  • To prepare national level policies, guidelines and standards regarding the identification and recording of plants.
  • Chemical testing, analysis, certification, quality determination and trade facilitation of plants.
  • To undertake activities for conservation, study, research and promotion of herbal and non-timber forest products.
  • Managing plant research centers and plant laboratories.

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