Dhanusha Botanical Garden, Dhanusha

Dhanushadham Botanical Park is 18 km from Janakpur Sub-Metropolitan City. It is situated in Dhanushadham Municipality of Dhanusha district in the north-east. Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, Government of Nepal, Department of Botany, then District Botanic Office, Dhanusha (now Botanical Research Center, Dhanusha). Dhanushadham Botanical Garden was established in 2056 BS. This garden 26049 ‘ 1 ” to 26050’35” North latitude and 860 ’33” to 8603’18” lies between the east longitude. Its height is 106 meters above sea level. The park covers an area of 120 hectares.

Dhanushadham Botanical Garden has played an important role in preserving biodiversity as well as environmental conservation by self-local and local conservation of plants. Around 253 plant species have been self-local and locally protected in Dhanushadham Botanical Park. Out of the total 253 plant species, 83 are trees, 45 butans, 110 shrubs and 15 wavy species. The endangered plants in the park are protected in gardens, religious gardens, herbal educational gardens, farming technology research sites, aquatic botanical gardens, rose gardens, ethnobotanical gardens, bow gardens, fern gardens, rare endangered plant protection gardens, taxonomical family gardens, germplasm conservation gardens, orchid houses, green houses, cactus houses. It is also benefiting from it. The Botanical Research Center, Dhanusha, has now established around 30 hectares of this botanical garden. It has been carrying out activities under the Plant Research Conservation and Horticulture Development Program and Herbal Development Program. There is also self-local protection of natural flora in this park. There is a lot of sal trees in the park.

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