Mountain Botanical Gardens, Daman, Makawanpur

v. No. Established in 2022 BS in the northern part of Makawanpur district, the mountain botanical park is located in the Daman area of Thaha Municipality. Situated at an altitude of 2330 meters above sea level, this park is full of forests of Laligurans and Gobre Salla and the picturesque shades of nature. The area is occupied. The useful plants found in the central and high hilly areas are Chiraito, Satuwa, Launthsala, Majitho, Boro Okhati, Pashanveda, Chutro, Zamane Mandro, Okhar, Kafal, Lekh Pangro, Sugandhawal, Timur, Laligurans, Bozo, Thingre Sala, Jhule Sala, Taalis Patra, Lokta and sunakhari of various species. From this park, you can also get a panoramic view of various Himalayan ranges. Eco trekking path and bridge have been constructed to promote eco-tourism in the mountainous botanical park. There is also a research program related to the quality development of Dhasingre. Similarly, laligurans in the park (Rhododendron sp), Chutro (Berberis aristata), Pashan Distinction (Bergenia ciliata), Talis Patra (Abies spectabilis), Satuwa (Paris polyphylla), Salla (Pinus 290 species of plants, including sp) have been preserved. A ceremonial plot (Ceremonial Plot) has also been managed in this park. In which interested people plant saplings on various auspicious occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other special occasions. Ticketing fee and various other entry fees have been fixed here as per Schedule-2 of the Forest Regulations 2079 BS.

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