Vrindavan Botanical Garden, Hetouda, Makwanpur

Vrindavan Botanical Park In 2019 BS, the then Padampokhari G.B.S. It was established in Vrindavan (now Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City Ward No. 13). Spread over an area of 96 hectares, regular works of the park have been carried out in about 30 hectares of land by fencing, while the remaining 66 hectares (growth-affected settlements) and community forests have been carried out. The office of the Botanical Research Center is also located in this park. 400 m above sea level. In this high-altitude park, the genetic sources of various plants have been collected and preserved and the germplasm of various herbs and other important plants found in the Terai, Shivalik and Chure regions is being conserved from the in-situ and local levels. More than 500 species of plants have been preserved in this park. The main plants found in this park are Kurilo, Sarpagandha, Harro, Barrow, Bel, Amla, Shrikhand, Tejpat, Rudraksha and other herbal plants. In addition, the park has rare and endangered plants such as trees. Various plants including (Alsophila spinulosa), Bhote Lahra (Gnetum montanum), Thakal (Cycas pectinata), Gurjo (Tinospora sinensis), Sarpgandha (Rauvolfia serpentina) and orchid (Orchid) have been collected and preserved.

Similarly, other attractive plots such as Maze Garden, Foliage Garden (Foliage Garden), Rose Garden (Rose Garden), Begumveli Garden (Bougainvillea Sp. Garden), Chaur (Lawn Garden), etc. have been managed here. As a part of research, mentha (Mentha arvensis) Research work is being carried out, while bhote lahra and unyu plants are also being grown in different ways and other research related to it is being done. Similarly, a successful breeding study of Bhote Lahara has been carried out in the park. Also 4 species of unyu Dryopteris cochleata, Cyathea spinulosa, Diplazium esculentum and Tectaria coadunata has been successfully studied.

There is also a provision to plant saplings on various auspicious occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other special occasions in the ceremonial plot in this park. So far, 102 saplings have been planted on this plot. Ticketing fee and various other entry fees have been fixed here as per Schedule-2 of the Forest Regulations 2079 BS.


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