Maipokhari Botanical Garden, Ilam

Maipokhari Botanic Garden under The Botanical Research Centre, Ilam, Sandakpur Rural Municipality, Ward No. 1′ 3 is located in Maipokhari. This park is at an altitude of 2121 meters above sea level (latitude 270 00′ 25′ north and longitude 870 It is located at 56’09” East). Maipokhari Botanical Garden Established in 2049 BS, it has been conducting awareness programmes on plant conservation, study and research and herbal and biodiversity. Maipokhari is a very important place at the local level religiously and culturally. Around 90 hectares of land including Maipokhari. In 2065 BS, the world was listed in the Ramsar region.

Maipokhari Botanical Garden has various places such as beautiful garden, genetic conservation site, herbal exhibition plot, educational garden, unyu vatika, gurans vatika, cactus house, orchid house, herbal nursery, special biological heritage, herbal information center. There are 231 species of plants from 78 families around this wetland, out of which 17 species are orchids, 3 species of chaps, 5 species of guavas. Here’s the ‘carpet leu’ two species of chimal and reptile water dog the Himalayan warty newt There are special biological heritages such as (Tylototriton verrucosus). An average of 13,000 domestic and foreign tourists visit the area annually.

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