Deoria Botanical Garden, Dhangadhi, Kailali

Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City Ward No. 7 This botanical garden in Dewaharia is located at 28°42ʹ22ʺ north latitude and 80°3755ʹ55ʹ is located in the eastern longitude and is spread over an area of 149.5 hectares at an elevation of 170 meters above sea level. The park has three natural lakes/wetlands important from biodiversity and cultural and tourism point of view namely Jakhaur Lake (12.55 HA), Murfatta Lake (2.52 Ha) and Murfatti Lake (1.32 Ha). Out of the total area of this park, park development and herbal development programs are being conducted regularly in about 12 hectares of land, while in the rest of the area, lakes and plants in natural conditions have been protected in a healthy manner.

In this botanical garden, important plants such as Sarpagandha, Chhativan, Vijaysal, Satisal, Arjun, Raktachandan, Shrikhand, Sugandhakokila, Khayar, Rudraksha, Sikakai, Simal, Harro, Barrow, Neem, Khamari, Amla, Kurilo, Van Mula, White Musali, Black Musali etc. have been preserved. Similarly, plant studies and research works have been carried out by establishing display plots and research plots of various types of aromatic plants. There is a chemical laboratory to study the essence of plant species within the Devharia Botanical Park. At present, the laboratory is processing the oil of the aromatic plants and extracting the oil percentage. Similarly, it has been providing services by processing the aromatic vegetable oil received from the service seekers.

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