Dhekeri Botanic Garden, Banke

Dhakeri Botanical Garden, Raptisonari Rural Municipality Ward No. 9 Is located in dhakeri. The park was established in 2009. It happened in 2056 BS. Situated at an altitude of 160 meters above sea level, this botanical park covers an area of about 5.29 hectares. This park is about 27 km from the Office of The Botanical Research Center, Banke, Salyanibag, Nepalgunj-4. and 11 km from Kohalpur intersection. It is on the right side of the Mahendra Highway on the east side. More than 450 plant species are in-situ (In-situ) And local (Ex-situ) conservation work is underway. The main protected species are Pipla, Sarpagandha, Kuchila, Shrikhand, Sikakai, Kurilo, Vetalouri, Bozo, Ank, Rajvriksha, Kalomusali, Tejpat, Sitalchini, Bel, Sontata, Sindoor, Khayar, Anantamul, Agai, Gudmar, Vijaysal, Satisal, Arjun, Gurjo among others.

The park has indigenous beauty- seasonal flower plant production and research, establishment of herbal exhibition site, educational garden management, production of quality herbal plants (Medicinal plants), landscape and species specific park management, aquatic garden management etc. Conservation of rare and endangered species, orchid conservation, conservation of wool and other exhibition plots and germ plasm conservation plots have been managed here for scientific and educational purposes. There is observation from various educational institutions here.

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