Dhitachaur Botanical Garden, Jumla

Dhitachaur Botanical Park is situated at an altitude of about 2542 meters above sea level and spread over an area of 4.36 hectares. v. No. In 2049 B.S. as an alpine botanical conservatory and thereafter. Dhitachaur Botanical Park was established in 2056 BS. It is located in Guthichaur-5 of Jumla district. After walking for about 45 minutes from the Botanical Research Center, Jumla, one can reach Dhitachaur Botanical Garden. This Dhitachaur Botanical Park will be protected and researched, developing technology, collecting native, rare and endangered plants, especially in the Karnali region., study research, It was established for the purpose of conservation.

The park currently has self-local and local conservation of more than 103 species of rare, indigenous and endangered plants. Similarly, the garden has become a center of entertainment for tourists such as Rose Batika, Shobhanya Batika, Unyu Batika, while the herbal garden and germplasm conservation area has become the center of attraction for students and researchers.

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